Padua, St. Anthony's relics

A few words on relics in Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua


The word relic means literally 'remains'. For a Christian it means, in particular, the mortal remains of those who have been recognized as martyrs and saints and, in more general terms, to those objects that have been in contact with these mortal remains and which, owing to the divine power present and operating in them, have thereby received consecration from them.



The Chapel of Relics


Designed by Filippo Parodi, it presents in an imaginary theatrical setting the Glory of Saint Anthony, a marble group of great beauty. Below it, in front of the niches, four allegories of the Virtues (Faith, Humility, Penitence, and Charity) are placed between statues of St. Francis and St. Bonaventure. These are the virtues that St. Anthony practiced in his life and which led him to the pinnacle of sainthood and glory. On entering the chapel, on the left, some items uncovered during the 1981 recognition are exposed in a niche: the great crimson red mantel which initially covered the Saint's mortal remains; the seals of the 1263 recognition; four small coins from Verona, 10 white rings and 50 black ones from a lace or a rosary. On the next niche are the two wooden coffins which contained Saint's mortal remains and a tombstone with the dates of the Saint's death (1231), of his canonization, and of his translation from the church of Santa Maria Mater Domini to the new Basilica (8 April 1263).

On the central space under the balustrade, there is a great glass theca with the Saint's reddish woolen cassock. On the two niches on the right of the entrance, the cloths that covered the coffins are exposed.


The Chapel of St. Anthony, the tomb

Prayer to Saint Anthony when approaching the spiritual heart of basilica in silence. This is the place where pilgrims place their hands on the green marble slab covering our Sain's Tomb. The silent prayer of the heart:


"Oh Lord, through St. Anthony's intercession, enlighten my heart, grant me faith and courage in the trails of life; bless my Christian path.

Grant me the Grace I am praying for ..............(name)!



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