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Dear Pilgrims


This page, "Reservations" is here for all those who plan to organize a group pilgrimage, Catholic tour. The intention was to make it easier for priests, pilgrimage coordinators, tour leaders or agents to present us their plans.


It is crucial for both parties here to have a good start and understanding. When we speak of a group, the number we have in mind is 25 people, but today there are numerous tours that we can run if there are only a few people in the group. Price for few people doesn't have to be any higher than one for larger groups. 


Please fill in the form answering all questions, and in the last box "Your message" please provide as many details as you can think of regarding the tour. We would like to hear from you with the destination, if any specific requests for hotels, language, (if other than English).


If it happens that we can provide all that you require from us you can consider that your pilgrimage has started.


Blue Heart Travel offers tours around Europe, visits to holy places of great historical and spiritual importance for Catholics around the world, in most of the European countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Israel, Jordan, or even Egypt.

Let us show you the Mediterranean best destination - CROATIA.


Please fill in the form below the page or give us a call:

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